Customer reviews

“I forgot about my acne, no more dry skin! 11/10! ” Brigita

I use cleanser for redness-prone skin. This is the best cleanser I have ever used!” Alina

I really like it too, I've been using it for about a month and the skin has extremely recovered.” Sandra

“All I can say is that I am extremely happy to have discovered this brand!” Laura

“Extremely good products, the results are visible immediately!” Gabija

I use it for a month now, super - pros only.” Saulė

“I have cleanser for redness-prone skin and B5 serum and I really like it!” Jelena

“Really great products! Especially the cleanser and serum skin balance. Condition of my skin is improving!!“ Vasiliauskaitė

“I use the wash as I have a lot of blackheads, I am happy with it.” Dominykas

“My biggest discovery!“ Ema

“ Serum Niacinamide + is super. In just a few days applying, the view looks really good. ”Renata 

“I have been using it for a month, so far the best thing I have discovered !!! It helps a lot with acne! ” Albaityte

 “I really like it.“ Podrežienė

 “Cleanser is unreal.“ Austėja

“The skin is becoming clear, the rash is decreasing- all from this amazing product range!“ Malinauskaitė

“I have tried the wash, it’s unreal! The skin glows, so I am very happy to have discover it. ”Aistė

“I tried Math Anti-Acne serum. I liked it, left a good impression and it helped. ”Dovilė

“I have a facial cleanser, it really cleanses the whole face very well and even removes small pimples from the face.“ Victoria

“The face wash is perfect.“ Laura

“I really liked the wash!“ Girčiūtė

“Insanely good product!” Sonata

“I bought a cleanser and a skin balance serum for my mum, the improvement is really visible!” Paulina

“It's the best discovery of this year.” Agnė

“I like it very much! Both the cleanser and a couple serums I own! It is also fun that this is LT brand.” Dovilė

“I like the wash very much, I also have SKIN BALANCE which I also like a lot. The skin just glows. ” Vitkauskaitė

“The daughter uses a visible result, the skin is tidy, beautifies.” Šarūnė

“I use the cleanser it is astonishingly good.” Agnė M.

“Acid cleanser - my No. 1! The condition of the skin has really improved as I started using Math. ”Maria

“I use a cleanser and anti-acne serum for three weeks, the condition of the face has greatly improved !! Definitely recommend it!” Odeta

“I fight acne, even though I only use the cleanser for a week, I see changes, the scars are decreasing.“

“I tried anti - acne and after weeks I saw a very good result !! I’ll try the cleanser.” Raminta

“Amazing anti-acne serum!” Rūta

“I use a cleanser and B5 Recovery serum. I am very satisfied.” Giedrė K.

“Super, I've almost cured acne using these products.”Agnė

“I like it very much!!” Žukauskaitė

“I bought it halfway through the second quarantine and I am extremely satisfied !!! Out of this world! ” Ernesta

“I can say that so far the best tools I have tried.” Dovilė

“I healed my acne and all the scars, my skin rejuvenated for 10 years.“ Erika

“The best face wash I have used, already on the second bottle, it is amazing.“ Giedrė B.

“Astonishing products. I have them all.” Rūta

“Math anti acne serum is perfect, had proven itself!” Eva

“I use both serums B5 Recovery and Water Element. I haven’t used anything better in life.” Ingrida

“I have tried acne serum, I could not believe the effect would be visible right away.” Monika

“Amazing products, all the cannot fit into this comment, as it helped me so much!” Gintė

“I use a cleanser and a few serums from Math. I really liked it, especially the cleanser. ”Monika

“I bought it recently, I can say it's amazing, could not find anything better, although I tried a lot.”

“I use skin balance.. Well it is unreal .. I want to ty everything! ” Klyvytė

“I use cleanser and water element serum now. So far, I reeealy like it and it suits me. ” Vita

“I had a lot of rashes on my face, now a pimple from time to time ... awesome !!” Karolina

“I have a cleanser, unreal!” Petraitytė

“Cleanser and skin balance serum is the best thing I have ever found.” Snieguolė

“I have a lot of problems with my face skin. Tried a lot of products, but math products are the best!! ” Agnė N.

“Amazing products! I have three serums and a cleanser! ” Kristina M.

“Skin balance and anti acne are definitely the best products I've used !!” Milda

“I like it very much!!” Ema

“You have not used a better cleanser and serum!” Kamilė

“I have it all from cleanser to cream, amazing products, face recovered, the price is good.”

“I am testing it now. After a week of use, the skin began to clear, became moisturized. Super! ” Justina M.

“I have been using the products for 3 months and I am very surprised, I really like them.” Agnė B.

“Facial cleanser / mask is amaaaazing !!!” Marta

“Very effective products” Monika

“Perfect serum that gave the skin matte touch, I fell in love.” Erika G.

“A complete discovery.” Gintarė J.

“I love it!!” Meda

“Cleanser is unreal.”Eimantė

“Superb products!!!”Gintarė

“Perfect cosmetics.” Grigulaitė

“The best, the changes were visible after 2 days, reduced scars, the skin became smoother and brighter.” Gabija

“I have tried and I am very satisfied with the quality. The products are really very effective and the price is really good. ”Orinta

“The cleanser is a bomb, not a day without it.” Lina

“I love it.” Šarūnė

“I use cleanser and serum Hydra Gene for about 1-1.5 months, I can already see the difference! Definitely satisfied! ” Augustė

“Super cosmetics! I am very satisfied. ”Luka

“Amazing products!” Evelina

“Cleanser is unreal.” Victoria

“Great products! I use a cleanser and serum to reduce the rash. ” Rusnė

“Extremely good products. It helps acne prone skin a lot. ”Daiva

“I haven't found anything better for problematic skin to cure acne than Math.” Smiltė

“Great products.” Monika

“I’ve been using it for half a year and my skin is grateful as I am to have discovered MATH.” Lina

“Its been a month since I use cleanser and serum, I cannot be happier, nothing has restored moisture so quickly yet.” Ugnė

“Amazing face skin care line.” Ina

“100% effective.” Vika