Formulas developed by scientists

MATH products are developed in a certified laboratory of the Center for Physical and Innovation Sciences. It employs chemists with experience in developing effective facial care products. The latest, highly sensitive scientific equipment and the highest quality raw materials are used. A team of skilled professionals and exceptional working conditions are one of the reasons why MATH products work from the first to the last drop. 

The team

The mission of our team is to help the human body feel and look healthy and aesthetic on a daily bases, without thinking about age and always feeling great. Aware of the incessant flow of time, we have begun to learn intensively the principles of cell operation and the benefits to them of various substances.

Using the knowledge gained through many years of scientific experience and the possibilities of modern technologies, we have discovered a complex system that has a positive effect on cellular DNA and the overall functioning of the organism.

Why our skincare is different

- Concentrated, refined product composition designed to achieve maximum effect

- The latest discoveries of Vilnius University researchers have been applied

- Focusing on the maintenance of skin cell DNA and their regeneration cycles is at the heart of formula development

We use only deionized water for scientific activities in the production of cosmetics.

- Ultra-gentle and natural preservatives created by bioprocesses protect your skin from toxicity

- Cosmetics supports the antibacterial environment and promotes biological skin regeneration processes.

- All products are enriched with extremely intensely moisturizing active ingredients

- Only certified and patented materials are used

Our products target cell DNA

The combinations of components used in our facial care cosmetics help to create conditions that put your skin in its zone of biological comfort. This is why every cell successfully regenerates without experiencing stress. The skin looks fresh, smoother, vibrant, youthful. You will notice a visible long-term change with your own eyes.